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Buy, sell, dream, scheme…and sparkle! The Monopoly Sparkle edition family board game features a glittery, sparkly theme! It includes 6 glitter-infused Monopoly tokens, pearlescent dice, as well as glitter-infused Houses and Hotels.

From the cover of the box, to the cards, to the gameboard, it's a sparkly celebration. This fun board game for families and kids features classic Monopoly gameplay: it's all about buying, selling, and trading properties to win.

BUY, SELL, DREAM, AND SPARKLE: This Monopoly board game for families is so much fun to play! This edition features a sparkly design throughout

INCLUDES 6 SPARKLY MONOPOLY TOKENS: The Monopoly Sparkle Edition board game includes 6 familiar Monopoly tokens, but look again! They're infused with glitter so they sparkle and shine

GET YOUR GLITTER ON: This fun family game includes glitter infused Houses and Hotels, beautiful pearlescent plastic dice, and a glittery, sparkly design on the Monopoly gameboard, cards, and package

BUY, SELL, AND TRADE TO WIN: Players buy out neighborhoods, sell properties, charge rent and grow an empire in this board game for families and kids ages 8 and up

BOARD GAME FOR FAMILIES: This sparkly twist on classic Monopoly gameplay is a great choice for a family game night and makes a fun birthday gift for kids 8+

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Year: 2022 - Code: F6020