The Elder Scrolls V
(United Kingdom)

Explore the world of Skyrim, from the village of riverwood, to the capital city, solitude, onto the ancient temple of Skuldafn. Collect and loot resources, but be aware that you may have to pay bribes and bounty if hold guards are suspicious of your activities.

As a dragonborn you have the powers to take on the invading dragons and build a powerful empire in the land of the Nords. So what are you waiting for. It is time for you to become a hero in the world of Skyrim Monopoly.

Included are: Six Custom Tokens (Homer as the Monorail Conductor, Kang, Bart, Blinky, Santa's Little Helper, Jebediah Springfield); Custom designed game board; Houses and Hotels (Renamed: Monorail Stops and Monorail Stations); Community Chest & Chance Cards; Custom themed money and the Rules.

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Year: 2017 - Code: C38171020