Planet of The Apes Retro
(United States of America)

This special edition features custom artwork by artist Dave Perillo who has worked with fan-favorite print companies like Mondo and Bottleneck Gallery. His take on the Planet of the Apes really stands out as the heart of the game. To go along with this groovy throwback vibe, players will be treated to custom game tokens that include Taylor and Cornelius plus specially-themed Planet of the Apes locations like the Statue of Liberty Ruins and Cornelius and Zira’s Home.

You find yourself on the Planet of the Apes, where apes are in a seat of power and control. Find out if you have what it takes to control this fallen paradise, or if the monkeys will remain rulers of this society.

Pick from among six collectible movers, featuring Dr. Zaius, George Taylor, and General Ursus among others, as you journey across the world of the Planet of the Apes and attempt to gain the upper hand. Strategically place your cages and corrals among the properties on the board to ensure you can persevere.

Art by Dave Perillo brings the vibrant pop-art feel of the 60’s and 70’s to the game. In anticipation of the upcoming 50th Anniversary, this is for Monopoly collector's and fans of the original 1968 movie.

Planet of The Apes Retro Monopoly features custom illustrated art by Dave Perillo with a vintage feel from the classic 1968 science fiction film, 6 custom chip board movers and bases of the characters Dr. Zaius, Cornelius, Zira, Taylor, Nova, and General Ursus.

Other features include houses & hotels renamed "Cages" and "Corrals," custom Community Chest and Chance cards renamed "Human See" and "Human Do," custom themed money, and instructions

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Year: 2017 - Code: US-PR/201708/9124