Pacha is a lifestyle and entertainment brand which specializes in nightlife and has club franchises in a number of countries including Brazil, United States, Russia, Germany, England, Egypt, Portugal, Austria and several Spanish cities including Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao and Barcelona. The first Pacha club opened in the beach town of Sitges in 1967 and first expanded to Barcelona and the Catalan coast.

In Ibiza, Pacha opened a club in 1973, and then expanded into the hotel business with El Hotel Pacha.

The brand also owns the clothing label Pacha Collection & Accessories, the music label Pacha Recordings, and the bilingual magazine Pacha Magazine.

Additionally, Pacha publishes annual music compilations with the Pacha branding on various Music Platforms (incl. Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, etc.), starting in 2008. They also release tracks under their Record label 'Pacha Recordings', and 'Pacha Multimedia S.L.

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