O-Moon Little Twin Stars

How can you not think of the moon when you are on the street on the fifth day of October? O-Moon has the meaning of a full moon, and hidden in the warm moon is the silhouette of the "Sanba Torii" that best represents Macau. This unique O-MOON seems like the moon shining on Macau in the dark. O-MOON is also a homonym for "Macau". We hope that with this name, foreign friends can also recognize and read the Cantonese accent of "Macao" when they appreciate the design with Macau characteristics.

This is the special LITTLE TWIN STARS MONOPOLY version of O-MOON produced by O-MOON. No matter the outer box, tokens, game board, money, hotel and other elements are all uniquely customized, it is definitely a sincere work, and it must be worth collecting and buying another set to play!

OThere are 4 Macau neighborhoods, namely, the fifth district of October, the Banzhangtang district, the St. Paul's district, and the Guanye district. There are O-MOON stores on these 4 blocks, which are synchronized with the actual store locations. In addition, the treasure chest card and destiny card in the game are based on Macau life, making players feel more in Macau.

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Year: 2021 - Code: WM01838-CHI