Offshore Engineer 40th Anniversary
(United States of America)

Be part of an engaging and innovative way to educate and excite future generations about the oil and gas industry.

Partnering with one of the most beloved board games in the world, OE has produced a custom Monopoly game – OE 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition. The game features an offshore oil and gas theme throughout including the game board, property titles, game pieces, Community Chest cards, Chance cards, game theme, and money.

The objective of this special edition is to create interest, understanding, and passion for the oil and gas industry in our business community, families, and future generations in a familiar, fun, educational, and family-oriented manner.

The traditional MONOPOLY game has been fully customized incorporating elements of the offshore industry including graphics; offshore-related tokens such as a helicopter, drill bit, drillship, safety helmet, scuba diver and ROV (remotely operated vehicle); currency is in barrels of oil; Chance cards are Exploration cards; and Chest cards are Production cards.

The traditional properties (Boardwalk, Park Place, etc.) have been renamed after participating companies, including many Houston-based companies such as NOV, OneSubsea, Halliburton and FMC Technologies. Two significant industry associations – International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) are also part of the game. PEMEX, Aker Solutions and Archer are among the International companies participating.

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