Me Contro Te

Me contro Te is an Italian YouTuber duo from Sicily that has been active since 2014.

Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia come from Partinico (Metropolitan City of Palermo). They started posting videos of Challenges on YouTube under the name Me contro Te in 2014. They quickly reached a growing audience, mainly among under-ten-year-olds.

With increasing popularity, they expanded their activities and published merchandise: scrapbooks, games, books. Slime is also an important part of her videos . The Italian parents' association Moige (Movimento Italiano Genitori) recognized the duo in 2018 for the educationally valuable content of their videos. Me contro Te is the most watched Italian entertainment channel on YouTube.

In 2017, Me contro Te starred in the television series Like Me on Disney Channel. Since then they have also published several of their own songs. Directed by Gianluca Leuzzi , the duo's first film finally hit Italian cinemas in 2020 and achieved record box office sales . Soon after, their first music album reached Il Fanta Disco dei Me Te contro the head of the Italian album charts.

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