Mass Effect N7 Collector's
(United States of America)

Mass Effect fans are going to love taking the game off the screen and wrapping it up with the classic game of Monopoly with this Mass Effect Monopoly edition.

Travel through the galaxy as you buy, sell and trade organizations, factions and locations as depicted in the Mass Effect video game trilogy.

Save the galaxy, by buying up properties. The Mass Effect Monopoly board game features some of your favorite locations and characters, including Commander Shepard! It has an awesome Mass Effect theme, but the same old gameplay, meaning you have to purchase all the galactic property and make all others pay you dearly to stay on that property.

6 Collectible Tokens: N7 Helmet, Space Hamster, Reaper, Omni Tool, Shifty Cow, and Mako

Custom Game Board featuring Elites, Special Interests, Mercs, and Crews

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