My Marvel Heroes
(United States of America)

Own the Marvel Universe and make it YOURS! Introducing the first ever Monopoly game that YOU customize!

Choose 22 of the over 50 heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe and place them on the game board. Who will you choose? Where will they go? Who reigns supreme and deserves Boardwalk? Park Place? Baltic?

It's your say which characters play! So, set it up your way. Then. . . buy, sell and trade your favorite heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America or your favorite villains like Dr. Doom, Kingpin and the Green Goblin.

You can remove and reuse the labels and, if you choose, you can play a different game each time. Features six collectible zinc tokens including Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer and Spider-Man. Create it "Play it Own it All" YOUR way! The Marvel Universe is yours for the taking

© USAopoly

Year: 2006 - Code: 00261 (Barcode)