Marvel 80 Years

The Monopoly: Marvel 80 Years Edition board game is a celebration of Marvel's epic catalogue of comics. With gameplay inspired by the Marvel Universe and iconic Marvel artwork -- including art by Alex Ross -- this game is a must for Marvel fans. Properties include Covers, Marvel Knights, and Team Leaders, and instead of houses and hotels, this edition features Issues and Omnibuses. The last player left when all other players go bankrupt, is the winner.

CELEBRATE 80 YEARS: Celebrate 80 years of Marvel comics! This edition of the Monopoly game features a Marvel-themed gameboard, cards, and gameplay

COLLECT PROPERTIES INSPIRED BY MARVEL COMICS: Players move around the board trying to buy as many iconic properties inspired by Marvel comics as they can. Collect more, charge more rent

EXCITING GAME FOR MARVEL FANS: The game features dynamic and colorful artwork including art by famed comic artist, Alex Ross

MARVEL THEMED PROPERTIES: The Monopoly: Marvel 80 Years Edition game features 3 types of properties: Covers, Marvel Knights, and Team Leaders. Instead of houses and hotels it features Issues and Omnibuses

CATALOGUE CARDS: Landing on a Catalogue Card space means the player has to choose from the deck and do the action listed on the card

Includes gameboard, 9 tokens, 28 Title Deed cards (22 Covers, 4 Marvel Knights, 2 Team Leaders) 32 Catalog cards, 32 Issues, 12 Omnibuses, 2 dice, Money Pack, and game guide.

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Year: 2018 - Code: 0519E7866101