La Que Se Avecina

Goodbye to boring afternoons, dead times and sad days in which 'La que se avecina' is not broadcast! The eccentric, atypical and picturesque protagonists of the series land on the board of the most popular board game in the world ... the Monopoly!

Here is an exclusive edition in which the residents of Montepinar tell us their crazy stories through a hilarious edition of the classic game. Now you can buy and sell your favorite characters and tour the most characteristic and crowded places of the craziest and most disturbing building on television. Rent the Koke caravan, install a new pergola, summon the neighbors to an urgent meeting ... You decide what to do in the community! And be careful with the lucky box ... they can confiscate the doormat or charge you a spill!

A janitor, a farmer, a councilor, some very special neighbors and a wholesaler. All of them discover their funniest anecdotes while we travel through the Mirador de Montepinar looking for the best opportunities.

"La que se avecina" is the first Spanish fiction series to have its own Monopoly version.

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Year: 2017 - Code: C50241050