(United States of America)

Custom Kith for Monopoly Board featuring Kith Palette Colours.

Recessed rolling area featuring a vegan leather surface with debossed Kith monogram pattern.

Locations detail all Worldwide Kith Stores and the property cards are also in Kith palette.

Custom Kith Money also features seasonal patterns and the tokens are made of antique silver.

The tokens consist of iconic product moments in Kith history including a Car, Asics Shoe, Bucket Hat, Hoodie, Kith Treats Ice Cream, and 10 Year.

Pegasus Street names are inspired by popular street intersections in New York, Tokyo, Miami, LA, Manhasset, Paris, and London.

The original Monopoly Train Stations have been updated to match popular worldwide commuting/travel locations.

The instruction Book is Kith branded and the Board Drawer includes a custom cabinet with box logo features on the knob.

The packaging includes Kith for Monopoly branding in Kith Palette Stadium colourway with gold foil accents.

Under the packaging, there is an acrylic display cover for board protection.

The are 6 pairs of Kith-branded dice, one pair for each player.

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 5.5" square box.

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Year: 2021 - Code: 41212