Jurassic Park
(United Kingdom)

What makes this set different from the other themed Monopoly sets is that the Jurassic Park Monopoly set is inspired by the 1993 film of the same name, and comes with some new gameplay, because after several million years, what’s another 28-year wait after the movie is released, to develop a inspired board game.

Although the objective of the game remains the same where players are expected to buy, sell or swap property until only one man is left standing, some features and rules have been added to reflect the theme of the board game.

And what is Monopoly without its unique tokens? The Jurassic Park edition comes with six movie characters to choose from – Dr Ellie Sattler, Dr Alan Grant, Lex Murphy, Tim Murphy, John Hammond and Dr Ian Malcolm. At first glance, it might be hard to differentiate them due to their similar build and colour, but when looked at closely, they all have their unique features.

A big difference with the Jurassic Park edition is the electronic gate that greets players. It’s a palm-sized piece that sits near the GO space and every time a participant passes or lands on the GO space, the player has to activate the gate by pressing the Jurassic Park button and if the movie’s theme song is heard, players may collect $200 from the bank. Alas, if a dinosaur roar is heard, only $100 can be collected.

The most unique piece from this edition would be the rampaging T-Rex token. It might look like a normal character token that you would take a dibs on but it holds a large role in the game. Other than moving your tokens, players will need to move the T-Rex as well with every turn. If the T-Rex passes or lands on the same space as any participant’s token, they would need to pay $50 to the bank. If the T-Rex lands on any property, that property is immediately damaged, unless it has been protected by a fence.

If the damaged property is owned, the player would need to turn over their property card and disable rent collection until they are able to repair it. If the property is unowned, however, the player who is interested to purchase the space would need to pay for both the repair and land cost. One thing to take note of is that the T-Rex piece does not follow the rules of board space. Players are not able to put the destructive piece to jail nor expect it to pay property.

In conjunction with the Jurassic Park theme, properties that players can buy have been changed to Dino Paddocks instead of street roads, which still comes in colour sets, and Park Roads instead of railroads and Utilities. Rather than having Chance and Community Chest cards, the set comes with Impact Tremor and Cold Storage cards that tell players what to do, may it be by rolling the amber dice again, activate the electronic gate or simply put them in jail.

Once players have owned a whole set of Dino Paddocks, these coloured properties are then immune to the destructive ways of the T-Rex and owners would not need to buy a fence. On the downside, players who land on these spaces will not be charged extra for rent and would pay according to the original rental amount without the fence.

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