Hutchinson Builders

FOR those who just can’t get enough of Hutchies during office hours they can now extend it to their recreation time with a new Monopoly game. Hutchies commissioned a specially themed version of the family favourite.

In place of the much sought after real estate acquisitions of Mayfair and Park Lane, the Hutchies’ version has similarly prestigious Brisbane Skytower and Sydney’s Metro Residences on offer.

The usual well-known London railway stations are no longer on the board, instead players can snap up the Melbourne Jet Base, Bayswater Station, the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal or the Thursday Island Helipad.

While the landmarks might be different, the game is guaranteed to spark all the usual family squabbles.

In a recent comparison with more than 1,000 board games, Monopoly was found to be the stand-out when it came to triggering fights and arguments. As one commentator concluded: "It causes more fights than scuffed boots in an old west saloon."

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