Horses & Ponies
Pferde Ponys

Monopoly. Horses and ponies are a treat for horse lovers. Choose one of the collectible pieces, it can be a horseshoe, bucket or toque. Challenge other players in the race to the finish line, build boxes and stables. Build an empire and charge fees from other players visiting your fields.

Monopoly. Horses and ponies is a game designed for all fans of horse riding. In this collector's edition you will have the chance to get to know different species of horses and ponies. Buy hay for them, build boxes and stables.

Check what surprises await you under the Carrots and Apples cards - maybe you will become the owner of a new track or will you receive a free driving lesson? Will you buy ponies in different colors or will you buy baroque horses? Make sure you have enough money to visit the blacksmith and veterinarian.

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