Holland Casino

Only 40 made!

A very rare edition was only available once a week at the casino.

Holland Casino has existed for 40 years and that can be celebrated ... with an unforgettable premium.

What is a nicer trip along the Dutch casino history than Monopoly Holland Casino edition? Loyalty Makers put the famous board game in a special jacket. As a player you walk through 40 years of casino history from the streets where the first casino opened its doors, until the opening of the newest casino in Amsterdam West.

Even the playing cards are completely wrapped in the distinctive Holland Casino style. With the Holland Casino Monopoly you step into the world of choices, opportunities and happiness. A world that has been keeping Holland Casino in a safe and responsible environment for 40 years.

Every time you went into the casino, your name was added to a box and at the end of the week, you could win a copy of this very special version of Monopoly.

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Year: 2016 - Code: C41151040