Hard Rock
(United States of America)

Are you ready to rock? It takes more than long hair and tight pants to be a rock'n'roll mogul. You need a cool head, business smarts and plenty of cash.

Welcome to Monopoly: Hard Rock 3rd Edition, where you compete to control the world's largest rock'n'roll empire. Buy up cafes in Bali, Guam and Madrid. Collect rent at hotels in Orlando and San Diego. Or be the boss at casinos in Las Vegas and London.

Since opening in London in 1971, Hard Rock has grown to over 130 venues in more than 40 countries around the world, with millions of guests each year. New hotels and casinos throughout the world as well as the Hard Rock Park continue to expand the company's unmatched reputation as the place to go for all things that rock. Now you can control it all with a roll of the dice.

But roll wisely. You wouldn't be the first rocker to end up in jail!

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Year: 2008 - Code: 92051 (barcode)