(United Kingdom)

With this Exclusive premium edition of Hamleys Monopoly, you can explore the iconic London Toy Store which was first established in 1760 by William Hamley.

Take a fun-filled trip around the seven floors of toys, enjoy a Hamleys party or even visit the Hamleys international stores with your friends and family. Play with your favourite classic tokens or be the lucky one to play as the Hamleys Golden Bear!

Everyones favourite toy shop (thats us of course) collides with everyones favourite family game-night argument-starter! Perfect for kids, Hamleys Exclusive Monopoly keeps the theme child-friendly but maintains that competitive spirit for tired and tested Mums and Dads who will take their revenge on their energetic off-spring wherever they can get it. Sorry kids, youre going down. Go team Mum!

Enjoy the same Monopoly gameplay but with an added sprinkle of Hamleys magic!

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Year: 2018 - Code: Z00781020