Those who enter the Harald Glööckler Store, the first see a life-size figure of the designer, which is under an overhanging chandelier. Everything glitters and sparkles.

Cult designer Harald Glööckler presents its very own "Monopoly" edition. Fans of the designer can use the classic games re-enact the legendary career and even ascend to the fashion czars. With skill and shrewd investment in fashion collections, accessories and pompööse events can be a luxury empire building.

The characters are of course people, animals or objects from Harald Glööckler life. One of the characters is Glööckler Papillon dog Billy King, who, incidentally mentioned, incidentally, already has written a book and is very popular with the children as a pawn.

Other figures are Glööckler significant Dieter Schroth, be king chair and of course his trademark: the famous Glööckler crown, in the huge and glittering adorns the wall in his store and has grown over the years become his trademark.

Well-presented and attractive packaging, and the board makes an attractive impression. The money, of course, with imprint of Lord Glööckler, very quality game pieces, the former houses and hotels in red and gold.

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