Claim locations, battle opponents, and avoid the Storm!

Fortnite brings "a battle-building twist to the iconic fast-dealing property-trading game."

Just like in the video game, the board game version of Fortnite's objective is simple: be the last player standing. Other changes to make the classic board game more like the video game that's taken the world by storm over the last year include replacing money with health points and making every property on the board a location from Fortnite Island.

And instead of both dice being for movement, one will be used for "action", with players needing to decide whether to move or take an action first on every turn. Actions include using Bandages to recover health, shooting other players with Cross Hairs, protecting yourself with a Wall, and taking a life away from all players with a Boogie Bomb.

Of course, it wouldn't be Fortnite without a storm constantly threatening the entire field of play, so that element's been carried over as well. Spaces on the board taken by the Storm claim two lives from players when landed on.

Comes with recognizable locations from the Fortnite Battle Royale map. Areas like Paradise Palms, Dusty Divot, Lazy Link and, of course, Tilted Towers are all spots on the map that players will have the chance to own.

As for the game pieces, the game looks like it will feature plenty of the most popular skins for players to use like Skull Trooper, Nevermore and Omega.

One thing to note is that this version has a lot of alterations over a "classic" version of Monopoly with no "Tax Properties" or "Utilities" as well as fewer properties altogether, but the "4 corners" are still there as they should be.

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