The alarm sounds, you come out of the barracks and the column of smoke is visible in the distance. The MONOPOLY part of the firefighters has started. In honour of the men and women who serve in fire and rescue services around the world.

For once, you can buy, sell or trade with other firefighters and experience the passion for extinction and rescue. Who owns an airfield fire extinguisher? Who can build a barracks from a simple hangar? And who can own a pipe factory? Go through the fire, rescue, or get a promotion. However, be careful, in intervention always take all the necessary equipment with you and do notnever arrive late for the exercise, otherwise you will return.

The MONOPOLY for firefighters, designed by firefighters for firefighters, families, friends of firefighters and their fans: a version for all firefighters, young and old, or for all those who want to become one.

Contains: Game board, 6 pieces, 28 cards property title, 16 Fire cards, 16 Water cards, 1 Money pack, 32 green doors, 12 red barrack, 2 die and the rules of the game.

The cards are in German, French and Italian.

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