Dungeons & Dragons
(United States of America)

In this exciting twist on the Monopoly game, players enter the world of Dungeons & Dragons and imagine roaming around with their favourite characters. Choose your game token and take control!

Inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons game and features Dungeons & Dragons themed tokens and the gameboard features places and objects fans will recognize.

Legendary traveler and storyteller of fame, Volothamp Geddarm, is seeking explorers of both the unpredictable and familiar in this fantastical spin on the classic board game. Players will need to capture dangerous creatures of the Forgotten Realms to help Volo research them for his tome, while also trying to come out with the most riches!

It contains 22 infamous Monsters as property spaces in this highly collectible title, which features artwork from the popular tabletop RPG universe. The Bugbear, Demogorgon, Beholder, and more awaiting you to buy, sell, and trade them on the custom illustrated board, which features a fateful and fiery faceoff at its centre.

Pursue the heinous properties as a Class member among six collectible sculpted tokens, which represent a Halfling Rogue, Human Fighter, Human Wizard, Male Elf Dwarven Cleric, Elven Ranger, or Tiefling Bard. Begin on the traditional GO space they may, but other parts of the experience will prove to be unconventional.

On your journey, Treasure and Encounters cards will dictate random instances of fortune and downfall in place of the usual Chance and Community Chest piles. Expeditions and Bases replace the houses and hotels expected of modern accommodations. In lieu of railroad spaces are Tomb of Horror and Castle Ravenloft, to name some. Accumulate these properties to collect Dungeons & Dragons currency, and succesfully nerf your enemies into bankruptcy!

Box Contents: Game board, 6 Player tokens, 22 Title deed cards, 32 Cards, 44 Total Dungeons & Dragons themed "Houses and Hotels", 2 Dice, Money pack and game guide.

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