Disney Parks Theme Park Edition
(United States of America)

Have you ever wanted to feel like Bob Iger or Bob Chapek, owning the Disney Parks? Well now you can, with the new Disney Parks Monopoly board game

Combine the world's most popular theme parks with the world's most popular board game and you'll have the world's most fun! This edition features exciting new properties, your favourite attractions, Disney character tokens, and a pop-up Disney castle.

Instead of the traditional properties to buy on the Monopoly board, the Disney Parks edition features Disney attractions such as Expedition Everest, Spaceship Earth Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

In place of traditional Monopoly features, Disney Parks Monopoly brings a theme park twist to the game. Themed tokens range from Cinderella’s glass slipper to a Mickey ear hat, Magic and Fantasy cards have replaced the chance and community chest cards, and of course, you are playing with Disney currency. You can even put down Toontown houses or castles instead of regular houses and hotels.

In the middle of the board sits a pop-up Disney Parks castle surrounded by a moat. The castle, however, is a generic castle and not a Sleeping Beauty Castle or Cinderella Castle.

"Wishes" replace the currency in the game, with various characters in the center of the note and the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort "D" appear in each corner.

The Magic and Fantasy cards have glass stained window designs on each of them, with the card itself having different characters and icons on.

Created especially for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort

  • Features new properties like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.
  • Disney Parks attractions including Sleeping Beauty Castle, Space Mountain, Disney Skyliner, The Haunted Mansion, and more!
  • Includes pop-up Fantasyland Castle.
  • Toontown Houses and Castles replace houses and hotels.
  • Magic and Fantasy cards replace Chance and Community Chest.
  • Six brand new tokens.

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Year: 2019 - Code: US-IW/2019007/5737