Century 21

Only 1000 made

Century 21 has taken winning in the lounge room to the next level with a clever marketing idea that should ensure years of free publicity.

The real estate group has signed an agreement with the Australian distributor of Monopoly to produce a Century 21 version of the board game.

People who buy or sell real estate through Century 21 in December (2015) and January (2016) have the chance to receive a limited-edition Century 21 Monopoly game.

Chairman Charles Tarbey said: "Australian families are known to keep Monopoly in their homes for decades, so as a lasting branding exercise it doesn’t get much better than this."

He added: "It’s humbling to know that many Australians thinking about buying or selling property, now and in the future, will recognise our brand from their exciting Monopoly experiences at home."

Mr Tarbey said the Monopoly connection is a logical move for Century 21 given that the board game also involves collecting rent, investment strategies, money management and negotiating skills.

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