Cats vs. Dogs

Cats versus dogs: it’s a rivalry that has spilt mankind for centuries. But now Hasbro is here to end it once and for all.

Monopoly game for pet lovers: cat and dog lovers can show their fondness for their 4-legged friends when they choose sides Cats vs. Dogs edition of the Monopoly game.

Monopoly: Cats Vs. Dogs is designed to be played in teams. Players choose either Team Cat or Team Dog and then take the battle to the board. Instead of buying properties, teams travel the Monopoly board and pick up funny titles and traits — like Trick Master and Best Pout. The team with the most titles at the end of the game takes home the win for their pet of choice.

Get ahead with chance cards: in this Monopoly game, there are hilarious cat and dog chance cards that remind players of the silly things pets do such bringing their human a "present".

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Year: 2018 - Code: E5793