A Belgian Rail Odyssey

Train World and the SNCB invite you to discover the fantastic history of trains in Belgium in a fun and original way.

For the very first time, the railways will be honoured in a thematic monopoly.

Thus, the discovery of the development of trains in our country is a very special treat for children and adults, from the first trip in 1835 to the present day.

The traditional streets in the game have been replaced by locomotives: from the first locomotive from 1835, over the Wagons-Lits carriages, to the most modern NMBS trains and the high-speed trains Eurostar and Thalys. There are also stations for sale, and the players can build maintenance posts and workshops. It is especially illustrated with a beautiful drawing of the locomotive type 12 by François Schuiten, the scenographer of Train World.

The goal is to be the first to buy the properties of the plateau, which are this time trains and stations, to build maintenance posts or workshops. The boxes have been adapted to the theme of railways and realized by the graphic design studio of SNCB. Same as in the basic version, you will receive a rent when the other players pass on it.

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Year: 2019 - Code: Ref.:0468 / Z03241970