The Beatles Yellow Submarine
(United Kingdom)

This Beatles version is an exclusive for a company called Lasgo.

It is a conversion from the USAopoly version of 2013 and is in the European style box.


Travel 80,000 leagues under the sea to the unearthly paradise known as Pepperland in this colorful Yellow Submarine edition of MONOPOLY. All you need is love to help The Beatles battle the Blue Meanies as you buy, sell and trade your way through the Sea of Science, the Headlands, Nowhere Land, the Sea of Holes and more.

Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo! So little time! Advance to Go!

Game includes 6 collectible pewter tokens: Yellow Submarine, Dreadful Flying Glove, Jeremy Hillary Boob, Love Sign, Sgt. Pepper Drum, Old Fred.

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Year: 2018 - Code: C59721020