(France / Germany)

Limited to 3000 copies - in two languages, ​​French and German

Finally the time has come - the brave Gauls find themselves exclusively on the board of the Monopoly Asterix Edition. This is how the classic Monopoly becomes a completely new experience. From the collective kettle cards, over the money up to the detailed game figures everything is kept in the Asterix look. Even the cubes show Roman numerals. You can then roll over the Dice Tower in the form of a watchtower.

The entire game is completely bilingual. So it can be played both in French and German. The game board is completely German on one side and French labeled on the other.

Contents: Rules; 8 character tokens; 28 ownership cards; 16 community kettle cards; 16 event cards; 1 set of MONOPOLY money; 32 cabins; 12 hostels; 2 dice and a Dice Tower.

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Year: 2019 - Code: Z01801430