Junior Editions (UK)



Ref 44024

Manufacturer: Waddingtons / Tonka

Dimensions of the box: 26.0 x 50.3 cm

This Monopoly for kids game the aim is to collect as much money as possible. At the moment one of the players runs out of money the other players must count up their money to see who has won the game.

The back of the board is red, like the tray in the box. The game board in folded vertically. On the bottom of the box is a colour picture of the board and all attributes. The money consists of one side printed notes of 1 to 5 with Uncle Pennybags in various situations the centrefield.

Four children can play at the same time, because there are 4 cars, respectively yellow, red, blue and green. The ticket booths are to be distributed amongst the players with the same colour of car.

The game is called A thrill-filled day at the Amusement Park and will be over in about 20 to 30 minutes. Uncle Pennybags brings you to the Roller Coaster, Magic Show, Water Chute, the Video Arcade and more. In the coarse of the game ticket booths can be bought to place on an Amusement so that it becomes your property. If you also own the other Amusement of the same colour, a visitor has to pay double the amount shown on the space. There are 6 Chance spaces where cards can be drawn with instructions like "Go to the Water Chute" and "Pay 3.- to take the tram to the cafe".

Also of note of this edition is that the Monopoly logo is red on white not white on red like the classic versions.

Junior Travel

Code: ???

Manufacturer: Waddingtons

Instead of actually collecting sets of properties in this travel edition of Monopoly Junior, players trade ownership of single properties. (Each colour group has only one property in it).

Using their tokens as cranks, players update the cleverly-designed inboard displays to indicate ownership and number of ticket booths on the property. The die is replaced by a spinner, as is the deck of chance cards. The only parts left somewhat loose are the dollar bills, for which there are clips for each player, the bank's denominations, and even Loose Change.


Travel Junior

Manufacturer: Waddingtons / Tonka

Ref. 44653

Dimensions of the box: 24.5 x 24.5 cm

This game for children is as clumsy as the Travel Edition for adults. The blue box consists again of 4 elements that have to carefully be disassembled.

For the rest the game is similar to the earlier described Junior Edition. So it can be played by 4 children at the maximum. They go to the fun fair where they can buy stalls. The amounts they play with are also considerably lower than in the adults game. The names of the 4 stations are Yellow Line, Green Line, Blue line and Red Line, so the colours of the 4 players. Here again the cards and banknotes are (inevitably) very small and therefore not to suitable for children.



Ref: 14540

Manufacturer: Parker Bros. / Hasbro

Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 26.8 cm

This version is a new square box design with a new illustration on the cover of children in a roller coaster car with 2 jumping dolphins in the background.

The colour picture on the bottom of the box shows a  scene again of 2 (different) girls and a boy.

The money they use is indeed that of the 1991 game and the game board is oblong: 25 x 50.5 cm. The back of the board is red like the plastic tray in the inner box.



Code: 00441 102

Manufacturer: Waddingtons / Hasbro

Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 26.8 cm

Like with the the editions for adults the Junior sets from now on also get the American ref. numbers. So in this case number 441, followed by the country number.

Except for the new presentation on the lid the game remained unchanged.