The local government of Mazovia has prepared something for fans of the Monopoly game. Its Mazovian version has just been created - Monopoly Mazowsze.

To become the owner of Płock, the Warsaw Commuter Railway, Koleje Mazowieckie or the Warsaw Metro, it is enough to roll the dice. We can also buy the Power Plant in Dębem, Warsaw Filtry, the castle in Czersk, the Gostynińskie Lake District or the Brudzeński Landscape Park. However, if we are unlucky - we will have to pay high "janosikowe" tickets.

The game comes with a guide that will bring players closer to the places on the map. We will learn with it, for example, the history of the open-air museum in Sierpc, find out what places can be visited during the trip along the picturesque meanders of Wkra or with which Masovian cities Zygmunt Krasiński and Witold Gombrowicz were associated.

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