Euro Edition


Of course Parker/ Hasbro took the opportunity of the introduction of the Euro to issue a special edition again. There was in 1991 talk of 12 countries of the European Community (see the description of the game in the "blue box"), now 15 countries belong to the European Union and 7 countries will join in the years to come. The makers of this game already anticipated by situating these countries at the beginning of the game. The most expensive properties are the capital cities of the countries who were first to become member. Groups who became member together are partitioned to the size of their capital population.

    The properties are:
  • Brown: Vilnius (Lithuania); Riga (Latvia)
  • Light Blue: Sofia (Bulgaria); Bukarest (Romania); Warsaw (Poland)
  • Pink: Budapest (Hungaria - (wrong, this is not the capital!)); Genève (Switzerland); Helsinki (Finland)
  • Orange: Stockholm (Sweden); Vienna (Austria); Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Red: Madrid (Spain); Athens (Greece); Dublin (Ireland)
  • Yellow: Copenhagen (Danmark); London (United Kingdom); Luxemburg (Luxemburg)
  • Green: Brussels (Belgium); Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Rome (Italy)
  • Berlin (Germany); Paris (France)
  • Stations: 4 busiest airports of Europe: Schiphol (Amsterdam); Rhein-Main (Frankfurt); Paris Charles de Gaulle; London Heathrow.
  • Utilities: European Parliament; European Court of Justice

It is a pitty that there are but 8 tokens this time, a very limited choice out of 22 countries. Seven of these tokens are the same as those of the 1991 edition. Only the Atomium from Belgium has been replaced by Manneke Pis. And why are these pewter tokens not as nicely gilded? The carefully edited booklet of the Rules give a detailed explanation of these tokens.

The 7 different banknotes are nice copies of the real € notes. De € 1's are gold and silver coloured (plastic) coins.The plastic houses with roof edge and chimney are dark blue now and the hotels gold brown.  Both dice are dark blue with gold pips.

Worthy mentioning is the fact that the lid now shows a part of the Go space with a part of the first and fourth side in perspective. That is remarkable because this same presentation is also applied by all City Games of Winning Moves Int. who are issued in the UK, Germany, France e.o.countries since 1998. The bottom of the box shows again a nice colour picture of the gameboard with all its attributes.

Monopoly Euro 1999 Monopoly European Edition 1991
Folded twice gameboard in a European style box Folded twice gameboard in square box
Properties are capital cities of 22 countries Properties are groupes of 2 or 3 streets of 8 countries
Stations are airports Stations are airports
In jail is .... Jack the Jailbird In jail is .... Nothing
The currency is EURO The currency is ECU
8 tokens of well known buildings 12 tokens of well known buildings
Mr. Monopoly in the red bar Rich Uncle Pennybags in the red bar
Nothing written on the back of the board Monopoly in silver on the back of the board

Country: Spain

Publisher: Parker / Hasbro

Dimensions of the box: 27.0 x 40.2 x 6.5 cm

Code: 0299 05597 105

Original Opoly
Original Opoly

Country: United Kingdom

Publisher: Waddingtons / Hasbro

Dimensions of the box: 27.0 x 40.2 x 6.5 cm

Code: 0699 05597 102

Original Opoly
Original Opoly