Limited to 100 copies.

Hasselt, provincial capital, trendsetter and ideal base for the province: Limburg begins here.

Historical sights are combined with art, culture, gastronomy and a vibrant atmosphere. Monopoly Hasselt is the ideal way to (re)discover the city in a different way. Walk through the rich history and culture of the city, but make sure you don't end up in jail!

Visit the cathedral, build a hotel in the TT district, take a stroll in the Japanese Garden, go to the Jeneverfeesten or run a stall at Pukkelpop! Hasselt is a city on a human scale where past, present and future embrace one another.

This Monopoly edition takes you to all the beautiful things Hasselt has to offer. This unique edition is a must-have for every Hasseller, or Hasselt lover.

For the real collectors there is also the Limited Edition. Only 100 hand numbered copies of this edition will be made. The box gets a unique, stylish sleeve and contains 6 wooden pawns that are only available in this edition.

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