Stock Exchange (AUS)


Edition: Stock Exchange, without reference number

Publisher: John Sands Pty. Ltd. under licence

Dimensions of the box: 20 x 20 cm

The game: Because the one-sided printed Rules says at the very end "Manufactured in Australia by John Sands Pty. Ltd. under licence", without any reference to Waddingtons or a year of issue it is assumed that this set to be of about 1950. It is even to be doubted the licence for this issue came from Waddingtons. The era is confirmed by the poor quality of the box and the paper used for the Rules.

Stock Exchange is a supplement to Monopoly. It allows players to buy and trade stocks in addition to real estate. Players attempt to build a portfolio of stock which will pay them dividends and give more monetary clout during the game.

The rules say:

  • 1. Place green slip "Stock Exchange" on the space on your board now designated "Free Parking".
  • 2. Insert the yellow and salmon cards in your packs of "Chance and Community Chest" cards, and proceed with the game in accordance with "Monopoly" rules.
  • 3. When a player lands on Stock Exchange, he has the option of buying from the Bank one Share of Stock in any Company he prefers, at the Par Value Price, printed on the Stock Certificates. If a player wishes to buy, he pays the Bank for the Stock and receives a Stock Certificate.
  • 4. Stock can be mortgaged at one-half the Par Value Price, or can be sold to any Player as a private transaction for any amount that the owner can get.
  • 5. Dividends are payable by the Bank to All Stock Holders upon any token landing on Stock Exchange, in accordance with the list printed on the Certificates held by the owner.
  • 6. It is an advantage to own the entire block of Stock of a Company so the Dividends increase considerably with the amount owned in any Company.