Special Editions - 1999 to 2016 (AUS)


Code: 07812 (Barcode)

This version was sold exclusively at Big W with a small red Hotel Radio.

This is the normal Australian version with the United Kingdom board and the new "Money Bag" token.

1999 Phone Big W
1999 Phone Big W


2007 Chocolate

Edition: Chocolate

Publisher: Parker/Hasbro - Gamesformotion - 2007

Dimensions of the box: 21.2 x 21.2 x 3.6 cm

Dimensions of the board: 4.01 x 41.0 cm

This Dutch publisher of this chocolate game went about on a much larger and more serious scale than the earlier mentioned English publisher. Their edition is available in many European countries and abroad.

The design of this box is that of the Standard edition of 2001, with the mahogany coloured borders.

This version not often seenbecause all essential parts are missing to make it a real game for monopolists, like the tokens and money, property deeds, the Chance and Community Chest cards and finally the houses and hotels.

However, there is a real Monopoly game board with a limited number of streets. In Australia the UK edition is distrubuted, so has the streets of London.

There is only one dial and those chocolates are Belgian (guarantee for quality). The player spins with the dial on which street a chocolate of the same colour has to be placed. When all chocolates are on all streets of one colour (or on all stations) they will be for the next player to spin this colour.

When a player spins a question mark, a chocolate must be put in the pool. And now the widely known house rule comes into force saying that the one who lands on Free Parking will get the whole content of the pool.

The winner is who finally collected most of the chocolates. And as if this is not yet sufficient they may also have those chocolates still being in the pool.

The rules are in seven points on the bottom side of the box.


Edition: Malta - Art.Nr. 41375

Publisher: Hasbro / Winning Moves - 2008

Dimensions of the box: 27.0 x 40.2 x 5.0 cm

Because there is a huge Maltese community in Australia, it was decided to sell this edition in Australia as well.

All information about this version is on the Malta page.

2008 Malta