Special Editions - 1936 (AUS)


Edition: London edition - "Deluxe Gold" - Trade Mark - Pat.app.for No. 3796-36

Publisher: John Sands Pty. Ltd./John Waddington Ltd. - ±1936

Dimensions of the box: 26.5 x 51.2 x 4.0 cm

Since it is unusual a Gold edition to have a sticker with manufacturers name on its lid that name has to be found on the Rules paper that goes with the set. THough there is another way which confirms the manutacturer to be the Australian company John Sands.

It is known from experience and comparing that only the early Australian sets (made by John Sands) have the normally black border lines in Old Kent, Whitechapel, Mayfair and Park Lane that should stop just as the coloured block starts and then change to the same colour. This is the case with this set.

This edition is indeed a copy of the English one, designed and manufactured by Waddington Ltd., with deviations in details but strong similarities in important matters.

1936 Gold
1936 Gold

Similarities compared to the UK Super Gold Set of 1936 are:

Inner Box: The innerbox is divided in the same ten trays plus two larger filling pieces, all covered with the same gold paper, each tray having a small red ribbon to get easily the cards out.
Game Board: The heavy gameboard of this variant weighs 673g, so almost exactly as heavy as the UK board with a weight of 696g and about twice as heavy as the modern boards of 352g.
Rent on Piccadilly: Of course the rent of all 3 yellow streets is the same for the unbuilt property, namely £22
Tokens: The metal tokens are the same as the UK variant; bath tub, old-fashioned car, Elephant, candle stick, trophy with purple glass, tram car and oil lamp with green glass.
Houses / Hotels: The houses and hotels of this set are different. The hotels do not show the gold print Grand Hotel and both are hollow. However they are made of a smooth heavy plastic, bakelite probably. They are slightly larger than the later plastic houses and hotels. The hotels weigh 4.15g each and the houses 1.94g each.
Dice: These are large red translucent dice.