1999 to Present Day (AUS)


1999 1999 1999 1999
Edition: Standard Australian edition, No. 20034
Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro Australia Ltd. - 1999
Dimensions of the box: 26.9 x 40.2 x 5.3 cm

This edition is a sample of the "new look" according to the new standard since 1996 of all of Hasbro's games boxes. The nice yellow with green box shows the red bar and a part of the fourth side of the board in colour. So herewith the long box we called Standard so far disappears.

Half of this new box (with ref.14535 in Europe and 00009 in the USA and New Zealand) contains a yellow cardboard insert and a small white plastic tray with newly shaped slots for the banknotes and title cards of the banker. This insert is is exactly the same as of the American boxes, but differs completely from the European. The bottom shows a colour picture of the gameboard with all its attributes like it was just left by the players.

The board is folded in four, it's back is light blue, the play side light green.
The nice yellow Chance cards (45 x 77 mm) and orange Community Chest cards are illustrated with those nice pictures of Mr. Monopoly, as Rich Uncle Pennybags is called since 2000.
The banknotes, green houses and red hotels and dice are those of the 1996 issue.
There are twelve tokens now because except for the additional (Australian) Koala Bear now also the (American) new moneybag has been added.
This set is also made in the U.S.A.


2010 2010
Edition: Australian edition - "Yellow/Green Box" - Standard
Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro Australia Ltd. - 2010
Code: 031020034692

By now the Australian edition was keeping the Gree/Yellow look whilst around most of the world, the country editions looked alike.

The Moneybag token had disappeared by now and as now just a basic version with nothing special included like a different token etc.


2016 2016
Edition: Australian edition - "Yellow/Green Box" - Standard
Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro Australia Ltd. - 2016
Code: C38090450

The box now has been updated with a new logo and looks like the other countries of the world losing it's unique yellow and green colours.

This edition came with 16 tokens, some old designs and the new designs.