Electronic Banking

The Monopoly Electronic Banking game is all about the money! In this modern spin on the classic Monopoly game, you can collect rent instantly using the cool electronic banking unit and 4 color-coded bank cards. Buy every property you land on, build houses and hotels, and win it all! You'll love using your personal Monopoly game bank card! It transfers your winnings just like a real credit card for fast fun!

The Monopoly Electronic Banking Game Uses Cards, Not Cash. This electronic twist on the classic Monopoly game makes banking easy!

It's the same classic, fast-dealing property trading game, but with electronic banking cards instead of cash! Choose your cool, colourful token, travel around the game board buying every property you land on, and bankrupt all opposition. In the Monopoly Electronic Banking game, you store your millions on your personal bank card. Keep your finances at your fingertips at all times: just pop your card into the unit and see how much you're worth!

The City of Lagos: Electronic Banking Edition is the first of its kind in the board game industry in Nigeria. Lagos is Africa’s fastest growing metropolis. Its entry into the internationally acclaimed Monopoly family underscores its unique status as an emerging mega-city. Lagos has a rich cultural heritage dating back to the 18th centuryand is home to over twenty million people. It is poised to become Africa’s first smart city.

Lagos is going cashless! As we begin to live in a cashless economy, why not play a game that shares the same philosophy.

This edition reflects changes in how the real world uses money: transactions will be conducted with MONOPOLY’s new banking card system.

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Year: 2017 - Code: C50691020