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Here & Now: The World Edition (Worldwide Release) - Hasbro 2008



Each set includes 6 randomly selected tokens (one of each continent) of 24 designed; there are 4 models for each of the 6 continents.

North America

Canadian Mountie
Cowboy Hat
Baseball Glove
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the Canadian national police service.
Cowboy hats have been an American symbol for the western horseman since 1862.
Baseball as we know it today was developed in North America in the 18th century.
The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the largest sanctioning body of motorsports in the United States.

South America

Inca Mask
Inca Statue
Easter Island Moai
The Inca population lived in the part of South America extending from the Equator to the Pacific coast of Chile.
The Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America.
Easter Island is the remotest populated island in the world, famous for its moai statues.
South American football is widely considered to be the most passionate game of football in the world!


London Cab
The Hackney Carriage or "Black Cab" is synonymous with the streets of London.
The pretzel, traditionally made in a knot shape, is said to have originated in Germany as long ago as 1111 AD.
Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle in Spain.
At the end of the Middle Ages, the Dutch started using wind power to drain their flood-prone land.


Safari Hat
Egyptian Head Mask
African Mask
A safari hat is essential when on safari in Africa.
Masks were a very important aspect of Ancient Egyptian burials.
African masks are usually carved in wood and were used in religious ceremonies.
There are two types of camel, the dromedary, which has one hump and is native to Africa and the Middle East and the rarer Bactrian camel, which has two humps and is native to the Gobi Desert.


Chinese Dragon
Russian Dolls
Sumo Wrestler
Chinese dragons are a symbol of good luck with dragon dances being held at festive celebrations, such as Chinese New Year.
Tuktuks are used as taxis in Thailand. They are a great way of getting about in the traffic chaos of Bankok!
Russian dolls date from 1890 and are known as Matryoshka dolls or Babushka dolls.
Sumo wrestling originated as a performance to entertain the gods, and is now Japan's national sport.


Kangeroos are the largest marsupials in Australia. They are the only large animals to use hopping as a form of movement.
Koalas are not related to the bear family at all, despite often being referred to as Koala bears!
Surfing wasn't always just for fun - it originated as a sport for Hawaiian chiefs to demonstrate their authority!
There are two main types of boomerang; returning and non-returning. Both have been used by Australian Aboriginals for thousands of years.


New Zealand
Route 66