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USA Special Editions 2010 -

L.L. Bean Monopoly / Scrabble Edition

LL Bean LL Bean

Publisher: ???? - 2003

Dimensions of the box: 16 x 16 x 3 inch

A special deluxe edition of the American version mde for L.L. Bean, Freeport, Maine.

A gift for the ultimate old-school gamer or for the whole family to enjoy together. We've brought two classic games together in this reversible board with Scrabble on one side and Monopoly on the other in one solid wood case.

LL Bean LL Bean

It. rotates on a built-in lazy Susan to easily face each player. Built-in storage provided for all game pieces.

Custom L.L.Bean Monopoly pieces includes a tote, dog, boot, canoe, lantern and moose. The Monopoly set also comes with traditional wooden houses and hotels, title deed cards, Chance cards, Community Chest and game rules. Scrabble set comes with wooden tile racks, bag of tiles, sand timer, game rules and scorepad with pencil. Offered in a solid wood case with built-in banker's tray.

Was originally on sale for $149.

Albert 2005

Albert Veldhuis

Thanks to Albert C. Veldhuis for a lot of the information on this page and the time it took to put all this information together.