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USA 2013 to The Present Day

2012 Extra Tokens 2012 Extra Tokens 2012 New Token Choice

At the start of 2013 Hasbro decided to retire a token and introduce a new one. This was done through a poll on Facebook where you had to choose which token you wanted to keep and which one you would like to replace it from a robot, a ring, a cat, a helicopter and a guitar. In the end the iron lost out (the smallest token which you could hide behind bukldings) and the cat won. A special edition version was released exclusively via Target stores with all 13 tokens which were sold out very quickly.

2013 - Hasbro Toy Shop 2013 - Hasbro Toy Shop 2013 - Hasbro Toy Shop 2013 - Hasbro Toy Shop

July 2013 sees the first versions in the shops and online with the cat instead of the iron, and with a totally new box design. And already there are two slightly different versions depending where you purchase them from. The photographs above are from the version if you buy it from the Hasbro Toy Shop and the images below are from the version you will get if you purchase it from Target. Just slight differences, but there.

2013 - Target 2013 - Target 2013 - Target 2013 - Target

Late 2014 and the 80th Anniversary of Monopoly is in 2015. This anniversary version of the classic fast-trading property game features tokens from the 1930s all the way to the 2000s! With a retro gameboard and cards, the game takes you back to when it all began. More information on this version can be seen here.

2014 80th Anniversary 2014 80th Anniversary 2014 80th Anniversary

2014 sees a new look to the USA box front as the back is virtually the same. The cat is now prominently on the front of the box with the dog. Otherwise it is basically the same and the same code of 00009.

2014 2014 2014 2014