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USA 1985 to 1998

1985 #9 Front 1985 #9 Back

1985 was Parker Brothers fiftieth anniversary with Monopoly and they showed it in a big way. First, the venerable #9 was redesigned, still showing the fourth side of the board, but the Monopoly was moved above it and Mr. Monopoly (Rich Uncle Pennybags at this time) was bursting out of the center "O". The game inside remained unchanged except that #9 finally had ten tokens again. During the run of this version ownership of Parker Brothers changed several times. General Mills spun off Kenner and Parker Brothers as Kenner Parker Toys in 1986. In 1988 Tonka purchased Kenner Parker, and then sold out to Hasbro in 1991. I don’t have all of these variations, but I would guess that legal lines would have changed on the box after each acquisition.

1991 #9 Last Salem Front 1991 #9 Last Salem Logo

In 1991, Hasbro took over Kenner who owned Parker Bros, and before the end of the year, they closed the original Salem, MA plant. To commemorate the company going out of business, the President, Mr. John Moore had a limited edition of the Monopoly game made for only his employees. He personally signed each one and presented the games to his employees as a parting gift upon their arrival to the going away party. It says on the box "Last edition Published in Salem, Massachusetts" which sets it apart from all the other games. What the box doesn't say is that this whole game was assembled by management. Some parts are different from the regular monopoly game.

1996 #9 Back 1996 #9 Front

By 1996 the box bottom had changed to a full colour picture of the game, the Parker Brothers logo was added to the bottom right of the cover (and had changed from black on white to white on blue), and Monopoly had become a brand. Shortly after this 1996 version was another which added "Includes Short Game Rules" to the upper left of the cover. This was the last "long" box for #9. In 1998 the box was shortened and the board became a quad fold. The money bag token was added to the upper right of the cover and Family Game Night was added to the upper left.

1998 #9 Rich Uncle Pennybags 1998 #9 Rich Uncle Pennybags 1998 #9 Rich Uncle Pennybags

1998 1935 Anniversary Tin 1985 Deluxe Anniversary Edition

1985 also brought two anniversary editions, The #7 Deluxe Anniversary Edition and the #1 1935 Commemorative Edition. The #7 had the same board and cards as the #9, but had a plastic insert that could be used as a banker’s tray and Title Deed holder, wooden houses and hotels, and had eleven gold tone tokens. New to this set was the train token. It also included an oversized rules booklet with many color photos and the history of the game (they didn’t get it quite right).

The #1 used elements from the original 1935 edition. The quad fold board had a red, white, and black Trade Mark label on it, but with Mr. Monopoly on it instead of Darrow The board graphics were changed to resemble the 1935 board, but the prices stayed on the properties. The ten tokens were antique brass and were reproductions of the originals found in a 1935 #9. It included the same rules booklet as the #7.

1991 Deluxe Anniversary Edition

1991 brought about a re-release of the #7 but with a white border instead of dark blue.

1995 60th Anniversary

1995 marked the 60th anniversary and Parker Brothers celebrated by putting out a beautiful gold foil 60th Anniversary Edition. The game board had the look of aged parchment, the money was redesigned and larger, a top hat dice cup was included, and 8 large antique brass tokens reminiscent of tokens found in the 1936 Gold and De Luxe editions.

1995 #11 Deluxe

1995 also saw the release of the #11 Deluxe Edition. This set had a nicer board than the #9, Deluxe Edition double supply of money, a Title Deed carousel, a removable plastic banker’s tray, eleven gold tone tokens, and came in a foil covered box. In 1998 this box was also shortened, the board became a quad fold, and the moneybag token was added bringing the total to twelve tokens.

1997 #4080 Heirloom Edition

In 1997 the most expensive Parker Brothers Monopoly game to date was released, the Toys "R" Us exclusive, $100 heirloom edition. This set came in a beautiful wood box and had a luxurious board, money that almost looked real, wooden houses and hotels, a wooden banker’s tray, a Title Deed carousel, and a coin for each denomination of money. It also came with a game log to be passed down through the generations. It also had eleven tokens in gold tone including an exclusive piggy bank token.