2018 to Present Day - A Brand New Look (It)


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Box Dimensions: 26.7 x 4.1 x 40 cm

This is the National Board! Play to buy the properties that represent the most important places in Chile and be the owner of the entire country.

This version has the most incredible tourist places in our country. This edition, includes 22 iconic places of our country, from north to south and which were chosen through a public vote.

The election process was as follows: Chile was divided into four categories, corresponding to different areas of tourist interest, such as Chile Azul, Chile Natural Beauties, Chile Patrimonial and Chile Cordillerano.

Each category was between 5 and 6 properties, depending on the location on the board, and then, ordered by the most voted. Thus, the most voted of each category became the most expensive property of each of the four sides of the board.