Special Editions - 1961 to 1990 (USA)


1961 Library

1962 saw the first of these special editions. It was a green boxed #12 Library edition with a heavy duty green bound board.


1964 Red Box 1964 Red Box 1964 Red Box

In 1964 the #11 deluxe edition was introduced. It was housed in a larger red box and came in 2 different versions; one with a gray Styrofoam insert (Title Deed holder) and one with a brown insert, and had 10 tokens. It appears that the gray insert was used first and was probably replaced with plastic because the styrofoam didn't hold up well. This game remained in production until it was replaced in 1974 with the 40th anniversary edition.


1965 #12 Anniversary Edition

1965 was the 30th anniversary of Monopoly and was celebrated with the release of the #12 Anniversary Edition housed in a plastic case. The library edition had apparently ceased production by this time as its number was reused for the anniversary edition.


1973 Blind 1973 Blind 1973 Blind 1973 Blind

Monopoly - Braille Edition by Parker Brothers/Kenner Parker Toys Inc.

Dimensions of the box: 51.5 x 51.5 x 8 cm / Dimensions of the board: 51 x 51 cm

It will not surprise you this American edition was the first braille one in the world. Next came the UK edition (1991+1996) and French version (1995).

Because of the fact the board is a special one-piece board with an attached hard plastic Braille cover, it has to be stored in an accordingly large, plain cardboard box. Of course this American Braille edition is bilingual: English and Braille.

In the middle of the game board stays Monopoly in closed black characters as well as in Braille, parallel to the first side. Below that is a coyright line showing the year 1935. The Braille Rules show 8 dates, ending with the year 1973.

Code: 29957

Features of this edition are:

  • Besides the Braille text other provisions have been made on the board for the blinds to recognize details, like the edges around the properties and the card spaces.
  • The property deeds are very large (18 x 13 cm) in order to get the enlarged text for the partial-sighted printed on the cards as well as the Braille text. The colour bar however is less long then the card is broad.
  • The Chance and Community Chest cards with the well-known funny American illustrations are enlarged as well, to 10 x 15 cm.
  • The banknotes have the normal sizes (53x100 mm) but the paper is thicker and the denomination is embossed twice, in the upper left and lower right. All 7 denominations have been printed on white paper.
  • The houses, hotels and 9 (is 1 missing?) metal tokens are the same as in the standard version.
  • The large white dice (2 x 2 x 2 cm) have black dots. However I've seen a set having the same dice but in black plastic. Besides the set also contains a regular set of small dice.
  • The Rules are in a large (27 x 28 cm), 17 pages booklet of brown paper.


1975 #11 40th Anniversary 1975 #11 40th Anniversary 1975 #11 Anniversary

The next special edition was 10 years later and was the #11 40th Anniversary edition. This edition was in a box the same size as the red box whose number it shared. There were 2 versions of this set available. This first was the 40th anniversary set and was replaced later with the Anniversary Edition. These sets brought about the return of ten tokens to the Monopoly game.

1973 Leather Edition 1973 Leather Edition 1973 Leather Edition The other 1975 version was the #3 Deluxe edition in a brown leatherette case. This set had an orange bound board and wooden houses and hotels (natural bases with green and red tops glued on). This was a very special edition and came with the carousel for the title deed cards and a small box to keep your houses and hotels in safely.


1985 Deluxe Anniversary Edition 1985 Deluxe Anniversary Edition

1985 also brought two anniversary editions, The #7 Deluxe Anniversary Edition and the #1 1935 Commemorative Edition. The #7 had the same board and cards as the #9, but had a plastic insert that could be used as a banker’s tray and Title Deed holder, wooden houses and hotels, and had eleven gold tone tokens. New to this set was the train token. It also included an oversized rules booklet with many color photos and the history of the game (they didn’t get it quite right).

1998 1935 Anniversary Tin 1998 1935 Anniversary Tin

The #1 used elements from the original 1935 edition. The quad fold board had a red, white, and black Trade Mark label on it, but with Mr. Monopoly on it instead of Darrow The board graphics were changed to resemble the 1935 board, but the prices stayed on the properties. The ten tokens were antique brass and were reproductions of the originals found in a 1935 #9. It included the same rules booklet as the #7.