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Star Wars Limited Collector's (USA) - Parker Bros. / Hasbro, 1996


Game Code: ????

©Hasbro 1996

Brown 1
Brown 2
Light Blue 1
Light Blue 2
Light Blue 3
Pink 1
Pink 2
Pink 3
Orange 1
Orange 2
Orange 3
Red 1
Red 2
Red 3
Yellow 1
Yellow 2
Yellow 3
Green 1
Green 2
Green 3
Dark Blue 1
Dark Blue 2
In Jail / Just Visiting
Free Parking
Go To Jail
Station 1
Station 2
Station 3
Station 4
Utility 1
Utility 2
Community Chest
Income Tax
Super Tax

MONOPOLY, the world's most popular board game, has been transported to a galaxy far, far away in this Star Wars Limited Collector's Edition. Filled with characters, vehicles, locations and scenes from all three Star Wars movies, this edition includes these special features:

  • Your unique starfield game board is numebred and dated.

  • The pewter tokens, cast by Rawcliffe, are 8 Star Wars heroes and villains.

  • The 5 brass Imperial coins add a ring to your high-level financial transactions.

  • Decks of Rebel and Imperial cards reward you, penalize you, and send you flying around the galaxy!

  • Miniature vehicles stake your claim to properties: X-wing fighters and Corellian firefighters if you're the light side - or TIE fighters and Star Destroyers if you're the dark side!

This very special MONOPOLY game is sure to appeal to all who love the world's premiere classic - and to all who wish to explore first-hand the far-away galaxies of the Star Wars universe.

Although the game is of course the same as the U.K. Collector's Edition, there are a number of great diffences in execution between the American and this English version. So the colors of the Dagobah and Hoth spaces are respectably dark purple and light blue on the American board while they are mahogany and dark blue on the English one. The 8 pewter tokens come from the same manufacturer which appears from stamp in the base "1996 LFL". Each token is a well-known character from Star Wars. The Rebel Alliance consists of Luke Skywalker, Princes Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and R2-D2. The fighters for the Galactic Empire are Darth Vader, Boba Fett and the Stormtrooper. The vehicles used by the Rebels are light grey X-Wing Fighters and Corellian Freighters and those of the Imperials are the dark grey Tie Fighters and Star Destroyers.

Differences and similarities between the standard Monopoly-set and Star Wars in Parker Brother's (Limited Collector's) Edition and Waddingtons (Collector's) Edition are:

Monopoly Standard Star Wars Limited Collector's (Parker Bros.) Star Wars Collector's (Waddington's)
Board Folded Once Board Folded Once Board Folded Twice
Up to 10 Tokens (Car, Hat, etc.) 8 Tokens: 5 Rebels, 3 Imperials 8 Tokens: 5 Rebels, 3 Imperials
Streets In Cities Space-Locations: Dimensions of the cards with White Edges: 67 x 77 mm Space-Locations: Dimensions of the cards with Black Edges: 56 x 87 mm
Income Tax and Luxury Tax Docking Tax / Bounty Docking Tax / Bounty
Currency = Pounds / Dollars / etc. Currency = Imperial Credits, Dimension of the Notes = 53 x 100 mm (1996 Hasbro Inc./Lucasfilm Ltd) Currency = Imperial Credits, Dimension of the Notes = 47 x 92 mm (1997 Lucasfilm Ltd/Hasbro Inc.)
5 "Gold" Coins of 1000 Credits Each 5 "Gold" Coins of 1000 Credits Each
Green Houses and Red Hotels Two Sets of Grey Space Vehicles Two Sets of Grey Space Vehicles
Chance and Community Chest Cards Imperial and Rebel Cards: Dimensions 45 x 76 mm Imperial and Rebel Cards: Dimensions 56 x 87 mm