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UK Special Editions 1976 - 1990

50th Anniversary

UK 50th UK 50th UK 50th

Publisher: Waddingtons - 1985

Dimensions of the box: ????

Ref: 44022

Comes in a black box with gold lettering and images.

Includes a rotating carousel for the banker to see the Title Deed cards easily.

Also includes a banker's tray to make it easier for the banker.

6 gold looking original tokens.

Deluxe Monopoly

Deluxe Deluxe Deluxe

Publisher: Waddingtons - 1990

Dimensions of the box: ????

Ref: 44026

Deluxe game including a moulded banker's tray with compartments for all money denominations, houses and hotels, for efficient banking.

Rotating property carousel enables easy selection of title-deed cards.