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UK 1957 - 1966 - The Red / White Long Box Starts

Long Red - White - Red Standard Box - 1st Edition Trade Mark 711 981

UK 1957

Publisher: John Waddington Ltd. - ± 1957

Dimensions of the box: 25.7 x 50.2 cm

You can tell that this red white red cover long box edition of the long box is the first edition becasue it still has the "engine illustration", on the front which is a typical Waddington's feature. This prooves that this version is from before 1961, the year of the new Parker Brothers copyright!

Other features of this edition:

  • Blue green cardboard insert folded such a way that it contains 7 holes for the accessories.
  • The 6 tokens are the same as in the other editions of this era. They are flat metal figures on a foot. The figures are: bulldozer - tank - car - motorbike with rider - electric engine and galleon (gold, with open sails). Note: Other editions have the galleon with solid sails.
  • Wooden houses and hotels.

Long Red - White - Red Standard Box - Standard, without Ref. Nr.

UK 1961

Publisher: John Waddington Ltd. - 1961/1966

Dimensions of the box: 25.7 x 50.2 cm

In the first instance this set resembles the one with Ref. #402 of the same era. Therefore no reason to show a picture of the cover. More interesting is what the bottom shows (see picture). It tells in large characters, what the game is about.

Features of this edition are:

  • The height of the lid is with this set again the same as that of the inner box.
  • In the middle of the game board Monopoly is written in open characters and the metal tokens are the same. However, the back of the board is black. The white plastic insert of the inner box has 7 square trays for the composing parts. It also has the inscription "One of the Waddington's wonderfull games".
  • The banknotes do not mention any number.
  • The Chance and Community Chest cards are respectively light yellow and pink through. The plastic houses and hotels do have a roof edge but no chimney.
  • The set was "Manufactured in Great Britain".

Long Red - White - Red Standard Box - Standard, without Ref. Nr.

UK 1961 UK 1961

Publisher: John Waddington Ltd. - ±1962

Dimensions of the box: 25.7 x 50.2 cm

This "long box" from the early period, that is almost identical to the one mentioned before this.

Probably these socalled "red boxes" with 2 blue green, cardboard inserts as well as the 6 paper trays for the attributes, are forerunners of the before this mentioned edition with plastic insert, and thus they have to be estimated around 1965.

Because of this DeLuxe Edition, having 6 little, yellow coloured trays is estimated to be issued about 1962, this edition has to also be from that same year.

Albert 2005

Albert Veldhuis

Thanks to Albert C. Veldhuis for a lot of the information on this page and the time it took to put all this information together.