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UK 1956 - 1957 - The End of the Mini-Box

Mini box - black - with separate board Trade Mark

UK 1956

Publisher: John Waddington Ltd. - ± 1956

Dimensions of the box: 16.1 x 19.2 x 2.6 cm / Dimensions of the board: 49 x 49 cm

The only differences between this black box and the earlier described red box here:

  • Neither on the lid nor on the gameboard number 711981 is shown.
  • Of both dice one is blue with white pips the other red.

Mini box - red - with separate board Trade Mark - 711981

UK 1957

Publisher: John Waddington Ltd. - ± 1957

Dimensions of the box: 16.1 x 19.2 x 2.6 cm of the board: 49 x 49 cm

In this edition the Trade Mark number 711981 appears on both the red/white "locomotives illustration" at the back of the board as in the centre of the playside, under the £ sign.

Features of this edition are:

  • The stations are British Railways
  • The rent of the unimproved Piccadilly is the same as of both other streets, only £22.
  • The Chance cards are yellow through, the Community Chest cards are pink through.
  • For an answer on questions to the works "Please enclose 3d. stamp".
  • In the circle on the banknotes is under the large number is just blank.
  • The banknotes have their old colours and denominations of : 1 - 5 -10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500.
  • The tokens are flat metal figures on a foot. The figures are: buldozer - tank - car - motor with rider - electric engine and galleon (gold, solid sails).
  • The houses and hotels are of dull wood.
  • The set described had one red and one white die of 12 mm.

Albert 2005

Albert Veldhuis

Thanks to Albert C. Veldhuis for a lot of the information on this page and the time it took to put all this information together.